Writing Environment for Mac, PC, and iPad

OmmWriter is your own private writing room where you can close the door behind you to focus on your writing in peace. Everywhere you go, you have access to a beautiful distraction-free writing environment where your authentic voice is free to go where it is meant to go.

OmmWriter is here to serve you. Re-connect with your old friends Concentration and Creativity, and discover the bliss of single-tasking.



Three individual features work together to create one unique environment for writing and thinking where you can concentrate and be productive when you need it the most.

to hold your attention
and set your mood


audio tracks
to focus your mind
on your words

keystroke sounds
to support your every
move on the keyboard


What the Media and Our Users are saying

OmmWriter is a staple for those who want to take the distraction out of writing,
and its app is particularly good for cutting away
the clutter of word-processing programs on the iPad and the Mac.
Staying focused and resisting distractions is a key to being successful in school. (...)
tools like Dropbox and OmmWriter make studying a snap.
OmmWriter [for iPad] is supposed to be simple and beautiful,
and judged on those criteria, it's a winner.
In this app, I'm inclined to keep at my writing tasks for longer periods of time, I'm less antsy, and I feel more creative than I do with more conventional apps. (...) I find myself less distracted by thoughts outside of the work at hand.
Cult Readers Pick Chrome and OmmWriter As Best New Applications of 2009.
Ah, writer distraction. It’s almost impossible to avoid. The people behind Ommwriter describe it poetically, “Your mind, a wild monkey.” (…) with the Ommwriter by Barcelona creative agency Herraiz Soto & Co., you may just tame that wild monkey.
With OmmWriter for iPad you certainly get what yo pay for:
a gorgeous interface and writing experience.
Not to mention a potential cure for writer's block.
Con los avisos de correos electrónicos, SMS, Twitter, Facebook, las distracciones son contínuas.
Tu lucidez se va apagando paulatinamente y no eres consciente de ello (...)
La solución al problema es Ommwriter, un programa que recrea la nada.
(...) el objetivo de Ommwriter: crear una aplicación
con las condiciones óptimas para la escritura.
OmmWriter has become one of the most descargadasde Apple's AppStore, especially in the UK and the USA, and for a month has been the best-selling application in Japan.
I just want to say that OmmWriter has been the most inspiring, innovative,
and useful tool I have ever used when it comes to writing. The visual and sound options
are perfect for concentration and focus, and I find them to sometimes help me develop
ideas just because of the atmosphere they create together.
In short, thank you! OmmWriter is amazing.
This is by far my favorite app ever created. It gives me
such a relaxed environment to just free-flow ideas.
You have created a terrific product that achieves
the precarious balance between triumph and simplicity.
I didn't think it was possible but it's true: When I normally write,
I am inhibited in my thought process by my interface. And with OmmWriter Dana,
I just feel like writing and finishing sentences. Freely. It is wonderful.
It feels good. It feels good to think clearly. Thank you so much.

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