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I am participating in National Novel Writing Month for the second time, and I'm using OmmWriter because it let's me focus and write without distraction... I feel I can write anywhere with it.
I purchased Dana II and truly love your program. I enjoy getting lost in writing, and getting my thoughts out so freely in the environment you guys have created. Thanks for making this.
Beautiful concept and an equally beautiful and elegant implementation of it. OW fulfils its purpose (of just writing unhindered by distractions) seamlessly. Thank you for its existence.
I have never been this efficient at writing in my entire life. Ommwriter is literally the best thing to happen to writing.
I usually have a hard time sitting down to write something may it be an essay, or even something like an everyday e-mail. Your program really helps drain everything out and just allows me to focus on the task at hand in a calm, collected manner. Just saying THANK YOU! :)
I love Ommwriter. All of you know what a writer needs to get away and be productive. So many writing programs bloat their programs with needless tools that serve nothing aside from frustration. Thank you!
This is the most amazing word processor software I have ever used... [OmmWriter] enables concentration so much better and so unlike anything else that's come before. It's amazing. I use it all the time and wouldn't even contemplate using anything else. I love it. Keep up the good work and thank you.
Congratulations! Your wonderful idea reconciled me with computer - writing. You made my writing experience joyful, relaxing and focused. As a lawyer, I need concentration when I write my documents and OmmWriter is (and will be) the only word processor able to provide such a great user experience.

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"Usually distraction-free writing apps don't work on me, but today I tried @ommwriter and it made me put words on the screen. Lots of words."
@biancafiloteo - Actress, writer, filmmaker
"@theyarnyard TY for the advice. Am d'loading @ommwriter's WP as we speak. Looks amusing. I'll try anything 2 improve the writing experience!"
@Stephenfry - Actor, Author
"Been using @OmmWriter to really focus on writing tasks. I like the background noise so much that I've got it open even when I'm not using it"
@jaygoldman - Author of Facebook Cookbook, contributed design to Mozilla Firefox, Ebay, IBM
"I love starting my day with @ommwriter . Great resource for writing drafts of my daily blogs, affirmations, questions & challenges. #writing"
@Lifes_Dash (Michele Mattia, Life/Career coach)
"OmmWriter is the most relaxing text editor I have ever used. Filters distractions out amazingly, too. http://bit.ly/1DinZw"
"Ommwriter, a pleasant writeroom http://bit.ly/5x8Z8B #postrank #entrepreneur"
"excuse me world...attention please - if you're a writer (of any kind) and a mac-user, go to www.ommwriter.com. oh how we've waited x"
"*loving* the focus that OmmWriter brings to my writing: http://awe.sm/37BJD"

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Great writing app. 5 stars, by Zach.
After using the Mac app for some time I had wanted a similar version for the iPad. Now that it is here I am so pleased with its functionality. Some reviews state that they want something that will help with auto correction. Although this can seem like a bother I feel this is exactly what the app intends to do. To stop focusing on those little problems that are better suited for editing later rather than wasting time with those small details. OmmWriter is an excellent application and I highly recommend it!

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Cult of Mac: Google Chrome and Ommwriter, the best for Mac in 2009.

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